Disadvantages of a partner should never become a reason to stop your relationship. Ideal people do not exist, and therefore, much depends on your approach. If something does not suit you, then openly talk about it. Learn about useful tips to improve your relationship.

Why some the couples are stronger?

There are several tips that will help people to improve their relationship. Surely, here a lot depends on the character, exact background, and etcetera. However, some of the tips are universal and will help any couple. Try to check, if you are doing these things in your relationship:

•    Solve all problems as soon as they appear. If you postpone solving problems indefinitely, they will turn into an avalanche that will make nothing of your relationship

•    Learn to negotiate. The times when parents chose a bride are over. Now the culture of relations between a man and a woman plays a much smaller role than before. It all depends on you

•    Learn to listen to your partner. Then he or she will have a feeling of support

•    Work on your feeling of intimacy. Intimacy never appears by itself. When it is not working, people become uninteresting to each other.

Share plans for the future with each other. Do not regard the wedding as an agreement by which you spend the rest of your life together. Be opened and this will help you to be happy in your relationship.