Dating on the Internet is neither easier nor more complicated than in real life. Conversations require effort and commitment. The online life is already part of our culture. There are a lot of intelligent, interesting, but lonely people who create strong relationships here. However, there are also people here with serious intrapersonal conflicts.

Communicate online correctly before dating

After several unsuccessful acquaintances, take a break for a few weeks – during this time new people will come up that you may want to meet. Do not take it as hard work. It does not work here to find someone quickly, as in real life. To realize your goal, you need time and a competent approach. Be moderately sincere in your profile. In addition to the truth, intrigue is also needed. Do not rush to tell everything about yourself, you’re not getting a job. Highlight your strengths and hide flaws.

In the column where you need to specify the parameters of the applicant, limit yourself to two or three characteristics, both positive and negative. Do not try to be original. Use only one or several photos. This will cause more confidence in you. One portrait is enough if the photo is good quality and clear.