Use sexy scents to improve your sex

Even ordinary sex in a usual missionary can be inspiring with aphrodisiac flavors. There are many of them, so to find the best one for your sex, you need to experiment. 

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What words can attack your relationship

There are several phrases that can kill even the happiest relationship. Thereby, people in a relationship should be very careful when using any words. They can hurt a partner, so it is very important to feel everything.

What phrases should not be used in good relationship 

Here is the list of bad phrases in a relationship:

•    “If you would act normally, I would not scream!” First, you shift the responsibility for your lack of restraint this way, and secondly, you use the best catalyst for the scandal – accusing the person of his inadequacy.

•    “I should not report you everything!” Of course, each of us has the right to independence in decision making. However, such a phrase is a hidden message that can be translated from female to male as “You are not important to me at all, as your opinion”

•    “You are not good…” This phrase can be continued by such roles as husband, father, football player, manager, specialist… What danger is hidden in this phrase? Husband, father, athlete, lover, boss, musician, etc. – these are the roles with which the man identifies himself. And if you “omit” at least one hypostasis, you humiliate a partner

•    “Do what you want, I don’t care”. Indifference to our feelings is the very “pitfall” that stumbles most of all. Do not rush with such a phrase, and if you are very tired or angry, it’s better to count to 10, take a deep breath and say: “Let’s discuss it tomorrow.”

How to communicate online before dating

Dating on the Internet is neither easier nor more complicated than in real life. Conversations require effort and commitment. The online life is already part of our culture. There are a lot of intelligent, interesting, but lonely people who create strong relationships here. However, there are also people here with serious intrapersonal conflicts.

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Why it is important to be rational in dating

To put rational expectations is very important because it saves a lot of time and nerve. You must not forget that relations, in any case, require diligent work. You should pay attention to your partner and take care of him or her. Even when you are far from each other.

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Why some couples are happier?

Disadvantages of a partner should never become a reason to stop your relationship. Ideal people do not exist, and therefore, much depends on your approach. If something does not suit you, then openly talk about it. Learn about useful tips to improve your relationship.

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